Purchase Our Wines

For Texas Retailers:
We are always looking for new retailers to carry our wines. Please click here for contact information.

For out-of-state Retailers & Wholesalers:
Many of our products are available for import to other states. Please click here for contact information.

For Consumers:
We are unfortunately restricted from selling our wines to consumers. Under the laws of Texas, we are required to sell only to retailers (grocery stores, liquor stores, restaurants, etc…). We do hope that this web site provides useful information so that you may select one of these wines the next time you are in your favorite wine retailer.

If the retailer does not have one of the wines you are interested in purchasing, you have two options:

1.) Provide them the name of the wine, and our name – your retailer can contact us and order the product for you.

2.) Contact Us directly, we can help you locate our wines in your area.

Thank you for taking the time to review our selection.